Wailua River Sacred Falls Tour

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Paddle and Hike in the Wailua River Area

Sacred Falls new boardwalk!

The first quarter and the last quarter of the hiking trail have uneven surfaces with the challenges of muddy and slippery rocks, and crossing of streams. The new boardwalk covers about 70% of some of the most slippery and difficult parts of the trail.

*This five-hour guided tour is a wonderful waterfall adventure for the active family, combining idyllic paddling on the Wailua River and at times, depending on weather conditions,  a moderate to challenging hike to a remote bridal-veil waterfall.

The Wailua River became the center of activity for early Hawaiians and is known as one of Hawaii’s two most sacred places.

At night, it is said that one can still hear ancient drums thunder in concert with the nearby surf.

The trail leading to our sacred waterfall is a beautiful “greenhouse” where flowers, brooks and ferns abound. Swim by the waterfall.

The early Polynesian culture is represented here, steeped in a colorful past, rich with rock-wall terracing, legends and lore.

The setting for this jaunt is tranquil and tropical, the pace is unhurried. We delight in sharing the peaceful, pastoral existence of ancient Hawaii with you.

Bird watch for a night heron or coot.

Swim in the pools or stream leading from the falls (we don’t recommend swimming actually under Uluwehi waterfall due to falling rocks).

Come share the life and natural history of this mystical land and enjoy its great quiet with us!

Watch a Video Preview of the Wailua Sacred Falls Tour


When And Where:

  • All Year
  • Monday thru Friday (No weekends)
  • Reservations recommended in advance
  • Check-in at the Wailua River Marina Store, (on the same southern banks of the Wailua River, where Smith’s Motorboats launch)
  • 4 Tour Times
    • Check In: 7:45 a.m. or  9:00 a.m. or 11:30 p.m. or 12:45 p.m.


  • This activity is rated “Family Friendly” for the active family
  • Great for individuals of all ages (except children under 6 years),  couples, and families as long as you have no physical or health limitations  
  • Participants should be comfortable in the water and enjoy moderate to challenging hiking along a river bed with uneven surfaces.
  • More or less, five hours of easy sightseeing, paddling, and more challenging hiking; some cases trail can be very slippery and muddy

You are never married to a boat! We try to honor relationships, but at times to even out a group, your guide may mix a weaker paddler with a stronger one, in the interest of keeping to time and schedule.


  • Guide(s) State certified and trained in water safety.
  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) i.e. life preservers.
  • Double sit on top kayaks
  • Water-resistant bags
  • Scrumptious deli sandwiches (turkey,  ham, vegetarian or PBJ)
  • Chips, tropical fruit and cookies
  • Variety of tropical juices
  • We  no longer issue plastic water bottles!
    • To reduce plastic waste we now have a Water Filtration Station
      • We encourage clients to bring their own water and/or purchases our KK Logo aluminum water bottles and fill up

What To Bring:

  • Sun protection
  • Light shirt
  • Bathing suit
  • Footwear for a trail that can be muddy at times.
    No flip flops! Aqua or tennis shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet.
  • Towel and change of dry  clothes that you can come back to (that you leave in your vehicle).


  • We love the nuclear family but don’t like to “baby sit”; children under 16 years need to be accompanied by an older adult; if not, service will be denied with no refund.
  • We do not take children under 6 years  


Refunds…before you sign up, please be aware…

Know that there is a learning curve to kayaking which is short and grasped by most.  If for any reason one is holding back a tour and is sent back and does not finish the tour, be aware that there is no refund!

When in doubt we don’t go out! At times the weather can conspire and conditions change and prevent us from safely reaching the falls e.g. not being able to safely cross the stream, and in those rare cases depending on progressed made, there may be a slight discount.


Since 1984 when we began celebrating the field and streams of Kaua’i we have not had a confirmed case of Leptospirosis.That said, know that you are taking a risk when plying our tropical rivers waters. Pregnant folks should, especially take heed.

CDC Leptospirosis Fact Sheet

Weight Limit Rule of Thumb

Our double kayaks can comfortably handle 500 pounds or less.

If participants surpass this weight limit we encourage a motor boat alternative.

At different times of the year the waterfall can be vary in volume from a trickle to impressive force.

The Secret is out!

When we first pioneered and began offering this tour to the public, a lot has changed. The main change is that the “Secret Falls” is today the best-known “secret” on the island. Nevertheless, we feel our guides will help you enjoy this tour for the paddle, serenity, and scenery you will stumble upon as you discover and share with many others, one of the best-kept known secrets of Kaua’i!

Embrace the Mud!

Trail can be muddy any time of the year make sure children and adults are up to the challenging potential of a slip and slide on the trail!

The trail can be hazardous for the ill-prepared and insist on clients availing themselves of our walking sticks.

This tour is doable by most people in average shape. If for any reason the paddle and/or hike portion is not accomplished by individuals, or if the weather does not allow e.g. stream crossing become dangerous,  there is no refund.

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Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Kayak Kauai observes a firm 24 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations within 24 hours will receive no refund;(All Na Pali Coast kayaking tours or GROUPS of 6 or more require a 48 hour cancellation notice). Cancellations made by Kayak Kauai due to inclement weather conditions are 100% refundable.

Travel Insurance

Safety is no accident and on every tour we pay special attention to this fact. That said, travel insurance is not a bad idea, especially if a “dark cloud” decides to follow you. Find a company that offers medical, security evacuation and rescue services in the event of a medical or security emergency.