Sea Kayaking Day Tours & Na Pali Kayak Camping

Why go with us:

  • Kayak Kaua’i pioneered these tours
  • Best Safety Record in the industry
  • Smaller groups
  • Weather conservative…when in doubt we don’t go out!
    • We cancel when others choose to still operate
Hanalei | Blue Lagoon Paddle & Snorkel
Paddle the calm idyllic and scenically striking Hanalei River and Bay area, as your expert guide(s) keep you safe and entertained with local lore, legends and natural history.
Na Pali Coast | Na Pali Iki - Polihale to Miloli'i & Back - by Sea Kayak
Great sea life! Less challenging approach to exploring the calmer waters of the SW portion of Na Pali with more time for paddling/snorkeling with dolphins, turtles and Monk Seal at a more relaxed pace.
Na Pali Coast | Traditional - Ha'ena to Polihale - by Sea Kayak
Traditional and more challenging route from Ha'ena. Paddle beyond the verdant valley of Kalalau, past the arches of Honopu, and into the azure waters of a volcanic sea cave. Encounter Dolphins, Tropic Birds and the elusive Monk Seal.
Na Pali Coast | Sea Kayak Camping - 2024
Guided and Outfitted sea kayak summer camping tours of 2 to 8 day duration.
Po'ipu | Open Sea - Whale, Turtle & Dolphin Watch - Snorkel by Sea Kayak
From Po'ipu, winter paddle and snorkel, the same canoe paths of old taken by early Polynesians and whaling captains.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Kayak Kauai observes a firm 24 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations within 24 hours will receive no refund;(All Na Pali Coast kayaking tours or GROUPS of 6 or more require a 48 cancellation notice). Cancellations made by Kayak Kauai due to inclement weather conditions are 100% refundable.

Travel Insurance

Safety is no accident and on every tour we pay special attention to this fact. That said, travel insurance is not a bad idea, especially if a “dark cloud” decides to follow you. Find a company that offers medical, security evacuation and rescue services in the event of a medical or security emergency.