It all started paddling the Alaskan “Inside Passage”…

Kayak Kauai Story

Founded 1984


In 1980 with my brother Chino we paddled from Seattle to Skagway Alaska. During that 5 month expedition, where we logged more than 1,000 miles, we paddled, we talked, and yes we argued about starting Kayak Kaua’i which after a few more adventures, we founded four years later. Since then we have sea kayaked the entire Hawaiian chain from the Big Island to Ni’ihau, and paddled, camped, hiked, surfed, stand up paddled, snorkeled much of our emerald island. We have explored Kaua’i’s peaks and valleys, canyons, rivers and coastlines, and have come to love its many faces and moods.

Humbled by the eye of the humpback, we never tire of turning you on to the technicolor splendor of Kaua’i’s water majesty, where giant green sea turtles drift amid darting neon streaks of tangs and wrasses. Off the beaten track, afoot or afloat; we love these latitudes, and it shows in the relaxed attitudes of our staff.

Visit us an experience the many moods of Kaua`i, from sunny coastal shores to misty mountain bogs. Ready to “bag a peak”? Botanize a fragrant flower? Or snorkel a blue water reef?

Let us help you become a deep water paddler, a fledgling birder and a seasoned sunset critic.

For over quarter century we have been safely exposing the vast world to the beauty of our little world, the emerald isle of Kaua’i.

Contact our knowledgeable staff. We can help answer the imponderable, inform you of the mundane, and smooth the trail less traveled


From surf to turf we offer the following:

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