Wailua River Kayak Rentals

Wailua River Kayak Rentals

We are the exclusive outfitters for the Wailua River State Park — home to the Secret/Sacred Falls.

Strike out on your own and rent a double and paddle to Uluhewi Falls.

Pick up between 8:00 a.m.to 10:00 a.m.

Need Return by: 4 p.m. to avoid *late fee.

Can book on line or call.

*$25 late fee per kayak every 15 minutes after return time.

Note Kayaks Need to be Car topped, the short distance from the convenience of our Wailua River Marina location; across the Wailua bridge to the launch area at Kaumuali’i State Park.

Car top up to #2 kayaks the short distance to the other side of the Wailua River

Rentals need to car topped.

Be prepared to lift and car top a 75 lbs. kayak at the end of your paddle

Forty five minutes of paddling can bring you to the North Fork and the well trodden trail leading to the Sacred/Secret Falls. Spend lunch by the waters of this classic falls.

*We are only permitted to rent 6 double kayaks at one time. Kayaks plying the Wailua River have “special State permits” and are only rented during daylight hours.

Rental gear includes: racks/straps + paddles + seats + PFD's

Kayak Rentals come with all you need to transport the kayak safely and enjoy the river.

Note: For safety reasons, we car top no more than two doubles at a time, which may require larger parties to make various trips the short distance across the Wailua River to the public launch site.

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Overview and Highlights

When And Where:

  • All Year
  • Monday thru Friday (No Weekends)
  • Check in at our Wailua River Marina Shop — same side where Smith’s Motorboat launch for Fern Grotto.


  • Double kayaks with State permit
  • Paddle(s)
  • Back rest
  • Life preservers (PFD)
  • Map
  • Car racks
  • Float plan consultation
  • Bow line

Frequently Rented Together:

  • Dry bags
  • Coolers
  • Hiking sticks

What To Bring:

  • Sun protection
  • Light shirt
  • Bathing suit
  • Footwear (aqua socks, tennis shoes, FLIP FLOPS not recommended)
  • Towel and change of clothes
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Waterproof camera

Caveat Emptor:

Before you sign up, please be aware…

Since 1984 when we began celebrating the field and streams of Kaua’i we have not had a confirmed case of Leptospirosis.That said, know that you are taking a risk when plying our tropical rivers waters. Pregnant folks should, especially take heed.

CDC Leptospirosis Fact Sheet

Weight Limit Rule of Thumb: 

Our double kayaks can comfortably handle 500 pounds or less.
If participants surpass this weight limit we encourage a motor boat alternative.

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Paddling Rules of Order

One of best tips you can leave us is observing these following tips:

  • Make sure you have and wear your life preservers (i.e. PFD: Personal Flotation Device).
  • When in doubt, don’t go out. Turn around and sign up for one of our river tours.
  • Give plenty of space to any aquatic birds that you may encounter on the river. Some of our native aquatic birds are endangered.
  • Paddle your trash in…paddle it out! Show Aloha and carry out as well, any other trash not your own.
  • If the river is turning muddy it’s a sign of flooding up river. Immediately seek higher ground if on land and get off the river if on the water.
  • Observe caution and do not paddle further upstream if you feel you are having a hard time “bucking a current”. Our rivers are generally in repose, and characterized as docile, with little current.
  • Remain on the North side and North Fork of the river going in both directions. South bank is for Smith boats and small motor crafts only.
    • By State law South Fork and Fern Grotto is off limits to kayak rentals and tours. 
  • Keep to your float plan.

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Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Kayak Kauai observes a firm 24 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations within 24 hours will receive no refund;(All Na Pali Coast kayaking tours or GROUPS of 6 or more require a 48 hour cancellation notice). Cancellations made by Kayak Kauai due to inclement weather conditions are 100% refundable.

Travel Insurance

Safety is no accident and on every tour we pay special attention to this fact. That said, travel insurance is not a bad idea, especially if a “dark cloud” decides to follow you. Find a company that offers medical, security evacuation and rescue services in the event of a medical or security emergency.